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4:45 AMJack Hibbs interviews Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Dr. Paul Wilkinson - Real LifePastor Jack, along with Dr. Mark Hitchcock and Dr. Paul Wilkinson, takes a look at Christian Palestinianism , Replacement Theology, Preterism and deception in the last days.
5:13 AMAliens and UFOs -- What are they really? -- Creation Magazine LIVE!How should Christians react to stories of strange lights in the sky and terrifying night time abductions? Aliens and UFOs and the Bible, on this episode.
5:42 AMTrigonometry and Hyperspaces - Chuck MisslerIn this segment Chuck Missler discusses trigonometry and hyperspaces. This segment comes from the "Alien Encounters" conference published by Koinonia House.
5:53 AMLuke 11:1-13 - Gayle Erwin (One Love Ministries)God wants nothing more than to fill us with His Holy Spirit. And all we need to do is ask...
6:41 AMAbortion Provider SpeaksCarol Everett, former abortion provider and clinic operator, speaks about abortion in the film Blood Money. Pick up the film narrated by Ms. Alveda King, Dr. MLK Jr.'s niece at bloodmoneyfilm.com
6:59 AMDavid Platt - Liberty University ConvocationDr. David Platt commissioned Liberty University students to present their lives as "blank checks" and to surrender their gifts and talents to be used in ways that will advance the kingdom of God.
7:38 AMIn the Name of Gods Poor Mother Teresa.What one solitary life can accomplish with Gods Help.
9:01 AMEvolving Bacteria | ICR - That's a FactWith all the bad bacteria out there, scientists are working hard to develop new antibiotics to combat them. But these microbes often mutate when they reproduce, making some of them resistant to medicine. Is this process "evolution in action"?
9:03 AMThe Watchman With Erick Stakelbeck: Endgame Near on Iran NukeOn this edition of The Watchman, we examine President's Obama's announcement of negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons program and how it has made war more likely.
9:31 AMWretched: Would gun laws have kept Jesus from being shot?Wretched: Would gun laws have kept Jesus from being shot?
9:34 AMOrigins - Elements of Our Hair with Dr David MentonOrigins - Elements of Our Hair with Dr David Menton
10:00 AMWhy Jesus Was Not Promoting Social Justice In Matthew 25Why Jesus Was Not Promoting Social Justice In Matthew 25

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