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1:03 PMRunning Away From God - David HockingA message by David Hocking about Jonah chapter 1.
2:27 PMOrigins - Formed to Fly with Dr. David MentonEvolutionists have long argued that birds evolved by chance from reptiles. However, in this lecture, you will see that no two classes of vertebrates differ more dramatically than do reptiles and birds.
2:54 PMStakelbeck on Terror Show: From Samaria, Israel's Biblical HeartlandOn this week's edition of the Stakelbeck on Terror show, the world calls it the West Bank but we call it Samaria: Israel's Biblical heartland. We're on the ground in the mountains where Abraham, Isaac and Jacob walked to bring you the truth about those so-called illegal settlements that Israel is being pressured to abandon. From January 29, 2013
3:22 PMI Love Jesus... and PornRay directly discusses a difficult issue.
3:54 PMNow I See It Well - Steve Saint and MincayeMincaye, one of the men who helped kill Jim Elliot now ministers to you and me. Steve Saint translates.
3:59 PMMeasuring BillionsHow big is a billion? Find out why science doesn't support an age that old for the earth. That's a Fact by ICR
4:01 PMBiblical Antiquity Center Part 1 - Christ In ProphesyHow did people live in the First Century during the time of Jesus? Find out with guest Dr. James Fleming on the show Christ in Prophecy.
4:29 PMIranian Christians Held Captive in Iranian PrisonsThis report reminds us to pray for Saeed Abidini as he is being tormented in jail for being a Christian. This is an interview with two women who were held in that prison.
4:35 PMJack Hibbs Interviews Amir Tsarfati Regarding Israel's Wars - Part 1Do you really understand the details regarding the rebirth of the nation Israel? Since God drew them back to the promised land? Join Pastor Jack and expert Amir Tsarfati and they discuss Israel's modern day conflicts.
5:04 PMHumans Are Unique - That's a FactICR explains that humans are much different than the animals.
5:06 PMIt's Time to Pray - David HockingDavid Hocking shares a message from Jonah chapter 2.
5:59 PMThe Ice Age and the Bible -- Creation Magazine LIVE!What is the evidence for it? Where does it fit into Biblical history? What caused it? Tune in for the answers.

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